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Geeky in the bad way

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25th December 2016

11:59pm: http://bm03.livejournal.com/103076.html


25th December 2015

11:14pm: http://bm03.livejournal.com/102488.html


25th December 2014

11:52pm: http://bm03.livejournal.com/102063.html


25th December 2013

11:22am: http://bm03.livejournal.com/101451.html

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25th December 2012

1:28pm: http://bm03.livejournal.com/101017.html

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25th December 2011

1:16am: http://bm03.livejournal.com/100173.html

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1st January 2011

12:01am: http://bm03.livejournal.com/100009.html

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25th December 2010

1:26am: http://bm03.livejournal.com/99608.html

(I don't even update this any more!)

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25th December 2009

1:18am: http://bm03.livejournal.com/99184.html

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25th December 2008

8:35pm: http://bm03.livejournal.com/97056.html

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1st January 2008

12:08am: http://bm03.livejournal.com/91512.html

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1st January 2007

12:05am: Happy New Year, Internet.

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